White Supremacy: The Inescapable Conclusion

The altright/Southern nationalist denial of white supremacy has been a bur under my saddle for quite some time. I’ve heard it from various individuals. I find it quite troubling that so many of my fellow master race have such a hard time accepting such a magnificent fortune. If you are one of those people, then … Continue reading White Supremacy: The Inescapable Conclusion


Kick Out the Amish Parasites

People don't really think of the Amish as parasites on the rest of us but they actually are. They contribute little but take up much space. They neither explored nor fought Indians to conquer our land, but they will of course be happy to share it with us now that we have done that part. … Continue reading Kick Out the Amish Parasites

Cajuns and Southern Nationalism

We should encourage Cajuns to seek their own sovereignty apart from Dixians. They already have their own ethnic identity, perhaps even stronger than ours, but we need to encourage them to secede from both US and from the future Kingdom/Republic/Confederation of Dixie. I have previously posted on the Core Components of Ethnic Identity which include: a name … Continue reading Cajuns and Southern Nationalism

Big Pharma: A Highly Pragmatic Export Industry for a Free Dixie

Drug (including vaccine) research, development, and mass production is an ideal export industry for any country to pursue assuming that country actually has the brainpower to pull it off. As with food and energy, we don’t want to be dependent on trade with another country for our drugs or vaccines. If we import them, they … Continue reading Big Pharma: A Highly Pragmatic Export Industry for a Free Dixie

The Extremes of the Patriarchy Spectrum

I think everybody here agrees that we should reinstate patriarchy in some form. But there are different degrees. I'm going to outline two possible extremes here. Extreme A: Women are basically chattel with the exception of higher vocabulary and men can breed them to create human babies. Women are not permitted education beyond the basics of learning to … Continue reading The Extremes of the Patriarchy Spectrum