These are the fundamentals that everyone knows to be true, that few are willing to acknowledge, and that we cannot afford to deny. They are only controversial because whiney ass bitches undergo demonic manifestations when someone doesn’t submit to their dogma.

  • Dixians (aka Southerners) are a nation and ethnic group and Dixie is our homeland. Being primarily descended from South English, Welsh, and Scots, and having lived for many generations in Dixie, we are biologically and culturally distinct from other people groups and will by any means necessary preserve ourselves both racially and ethnically, which will be best accomplished in our own sovereign nationstate governed by and for our own people. We prioritize the survival and welfare of our own people over others which makes us ¡RACISTS! just like every other race and every other sane individual. Racial groups have always been each others’ biological competitors and always will be. We need no other reason than biological competition for territory and other resources to demand a reversal of recent demographic trends. The survival and welfare of our racial competitors who would usurp our territorial claim is their problem, not ours.


  • The best form of government is patriarchal with leadership being restricted *exclusively* to men. Any compromise on these terms would simply be a foot in the door for feminism and subsequent national decline. We do not need women as political leaders nor to vote in their selection. Women who agitate for those roles simply need shorter leashes and more chores, or corporal punishment since that’s what many of them really want anyway. The fact that men have outperformed women in innovation, business, governance, discovery, defense, exploration, and conquest is a pretty good indicator that men should run those things while women stick to having children, doing errands, and running household appliances, which incidentally were invented by men. We feel “threatened by powerful women” the same way we would feel threatened by a chimpanzee with a loaded gun.


  • We are a Christian nation. While we would like for everyone to personally become Christian, we cannot make anyone become Christian. We will take the steps necessary to ensure that Christianity remains the dominant religion in our society and we owe no place to competing religions or ideologies within our own borders. While we’re at it, we are also going to rescue our churches from female pastors and jew-paid shills like Dr Russell Moore.


  • Humans, even within a race, will always be unequal in many ways and any society that denies such builds its house on sand as the United States has done. Some men are more intelligent than others, some more honest, some harder working, some more patriotic, some more tempered, the young generally being more physically able, and the older generally having accumulated more wisdom. These natural inequalities lead to a natural hierarchy that forms the framework of any sound government. To strip a nation of such hierarchy is to strip a man of his skeleton.


  • Very few if any rights beyond acceptance or denial of Salvation are unalienable or endowed by God. A few yanks once famously declared that these rights were “self evident” but they were liars as are most yanks. If liberty were an unalienable right, we could not send criminals to prison. If life were an unalienable right we could not execute criminals or fight wars. Despite flowery words, there has never been a time in history when men in power did not decide who was or was not worthy to live or to remain free. If acceptance of this natural order is to “play God” then what is it called when men try to decree an unnatural order in its place?