White Supremacy: The Inescapable Conclusion

The altright/Southern nationalist denial of white supremacy has been a bur under my saddle for quite some time. I’ve heard it from various individuals. I find it quite troubling that so many of my fellow master race have such a hard time accepting such a magnificent fortune. If you are one of those people, then this post is an attempt to uncuck you. If you refuse to be uncucked then we really should exclude you from the breeding population once we are in control. I have no desire to forfeit my white supremacy or that of my descendants and I really don’t want a bunch of lying coward white supremacy deniers to hold the rest of us back.

First of all, denying white supremacy is not going to get you any brownie points with your enemies. There is zero tactical advantage in denying it, so it’s not a good place to practice your taqiyya. Is it really that hard for Southern nationalists to admit that the South was right?

It is a ludicrous denial of reality to say “I believe in separation but not white supremacy.” Who’s idea is the separation? What happens if the brown hordes do not want to separate from us? Will we not have to exercise our supremacy to make them separate?

This argument is incredibly simple.

  • If we are to have a have a white ethnostate in Dixie, then we will have to separate ourselves from negroes.
  • Negroes do not want to be separated from us as their host society.
  • If we forcibly separate negroes from ourselvess, it will be a form of white supremacy.
  • Therefore, separating ourselves from negroes to form a white ethnostate in Dixie is a form of white supremacy.

It’s even true if we move and create an ethnostate somewhere other than Dixie:

  • If we move to form a white ethnostate somewhere that there are no nonwhites, the brown hordes will soon want to get into it also.
  • If we do not allow the brown hordes to join us in our white ethnostate, then we are preventing them from doing something they want to do.
  • If we prevent the brown hordes from doing something they want to do, that would be a form of white supremacy.
  • Therefore, if we have a white ethnostate somewhere other than Dixie, it will be a form of white supremacy.

Ok, what if we don’t actually separate ourselves from negroes, but we just don’t let them break into our homes and rape our women?

  • If negroes stop raping and killing white women, it will be because white men put a stop to it.
  • If white men make negroes stop doing something, that will be a form of white supremacy.
  • Therefore, to stop negroes from raping white women would be a form of white supremacy.

The very fact that we let any brown race live anywhere is a form of white supremacy.

  • The only reason brown races exist on this planet today is because white people let them live.
  • If brown races need white man’s permission to live then that is a form of white supremacy.
  • Therefore, if we allow brown races to exist in any number, anywhere on planet Earth, then that is a form of white supremacy.

We have two alternatives to avoid white supremacy:

  • We could allow dindus to kill us and our children, then rape our women until there are no more whites left to be supreme.
  • We could eradicate every last nonwhite on the planet, no matter how much they beg for us to just enslave them in exchange for letting them live.

Now everybody knows that genocide is never justified so the only option left is for us to either practice white supremacy or let dindus kill and rape whites until there are none of us left, which would of course be a form of genocide, only this way it would be white genocide. Now let’s see where that puts us:

  • The options for us to choose from are total white genocide, total brown genocide, white subjugation (if our numbers are small enough), or white supremacy.
  • Only a liar or a babbling fool would claim to be prowhite but deny both white supremacy and brown genocide when faced with these options.
  • Therefore anyone who claims to be prowhite but denies both brown genocide and white supremacy is either a liar or a babbling fool.

Of course total eradication of brown races would not really be an alternative to white supremacy, because we would still be supreme over plants and animals, just not brown hominids and since the only people left on the planet would be whites, it would be kind of silly for us to keep identifying as whites. But even then, we would still be whites and we would still be supreme unless we are conquered by some other species, like the horse, the cow, or perhaps the oak tree.

The solution is obvious. We should own white supremacy. We should be proud of it and celebrate the successes of our race and our place in the racial hierarchy. Have you ever seen a WWF wrestler countersignal his own title? Ever seen superbowl winners deny their rings? Me either.

Sit back and enjoy some hand picked example videos to help you personally develop your own style for coping with and speaking openly about white supremacy.




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