Kick Out the Amish Parasites

People don’t really think of the Amish as parasites on the rest of us but they actually are. They contribute little but take up much space. They neither explored nor fought Indians to conquer our land, but they will of course be happy to share it with us now that we have done that part. They don’t serve in the military because muh pacifism, so we can add that. In fact, let’s make a list of how Amish are parasites and pests on the rest of us:

  • Didn’t discover, explore, or conquer our land, but still occupy space
  • Don’t help defend our land from invaders, but still occupy space
  • Don’t pay gas tax, but still occupy space on road (and go slow)*
  • Don’t vaccinate their children enough and serve as disease reservoir**
  • Even the fact that they don’t vaccinate their livestock diligently enough causes problems.
  • Sometimes refuse (religious taboo) to even use orange triangles on their buggies per state law, which of course creates a safety hazard. (see buggy at top of this page)

*There are exceptions, since some Amish do drive pickups.

**Amish have no religious taboo on vaccines, but are often negligent to do them, which poses a health risk to the rest of us. Coupled with the fact they don’t file birth certificates makes it complicated even if concerned citizens are willing to help.

I suppose I could come up with more reasons if they were really needed. What I have listed already is more than enough. It’s really simple when we break it down to the most fundamental level: They are our biological competitors. They are an alien people that occupy space that could otherwise be occupied by Dixians. That’s really as deep as one need go to make the decision.

Some people may think the Amish are cute and that they aren’t a problem because there aren’t that many of them, but in reality these people are actually outbreeding negroes and Hispanics. Just let that sink in. Why would we allow an alien German sect to move in, take up space and breed like muslims, unless of course we want to demographically displace ourselves in our own country.

Here are just a few population figures from Wikipedia.

  • Kentucky Amish population
    • 1992: 1,500
    • 2015: 11, 010
    • 634% growth in 23 years
  • Tennessee Amish population
    •  1992: 800
    • 2015: 2,750
    • 244% growth in 23 years
  • Virginia Amish population
    • 1992: unknown
    • 2000: 500
    • 2015: 1,080
    • 116% growth in 15 years

You can check Wikipedia for data in your state, but the point is they are quickly colonizing the South from the Midwest in search of new land and they breed fast and young. In fact, Old Order Amish are even outbreeding Somalians.

Now hopefully I don’t have to explain why the Amish should be considered a separate ethnic group from Dixians, but just in case it is a stumbling block for some people, I’ll give it a quick summary. You could basically just take the argument for why Cajuns are a separate ethnic group and recycle it here. Like Cajuns, the Amish:

  • Have their own identity (Amish)
  • Have separate racial origin (German, Swiss)
  • Have a separate religious sect (Amish Church)
  • Have a separate language (Pennsylvania Dutch, Old Swiss German)

Don’t think of them as cute, bonnet-wearing horse and buggy people. Don’t think of them as “my brother whites” either. Think of them as alien parasites who will usurp our physical space and outbreed negroes if we let them. Germany didn’t make room for them as their fellow Germans so why should we give them an inch as an alien people? Every homestead in Dixie owned by an Amish family is a homestead that could have been owned by a Dixian family.

  • I don’t want to be displaced by negroes.
  • I don’t want to be displaced by Arabs.
  • I don’t want to be displaced by mestizos.
  • I don’t want to be displaced by Chinese.
  • I don’t want to be displaced by Amish.
  • I don’t want to be displaced by Mennonites.
  • I don’t want to be displaced by Hutterites.

The fact that these Germanic ethno-religious groups combined only exist as a very small percentage of Dixie’s population (no Hutterites yet) just means that we still have time to nip the problem in the bud.


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