Cajuns and Southern Nationalism

We should encourage Cajuns to seek their own sovereignty apart from Dixians. They already have their own ethnic identity, perhaps even stronger than ours, but we need to encourage them to secede from both US and from the future Kingdom/Republic/Confederation of Dixie.

I have previously posted on the Core Components of Ethnic Identity which include:

  • a name
  • race
  • religion
  • language

Cajuns pass all four of these tests with flying colors (Cajun, French diaspora, Catholicism, Cajun French) to be considered an ethnic group with an ethnic identity. They also have their own officially recognized territory, Acadiana in Louisiana, but perhaps a few counties in east Texas and some Creole counties parishes should rightfully be included as well. They would certainly have their own origin myth as recently described by Michael Cushman. They even have their own national flag, which is recognized by the State of Louisiana.


Cajuns also have Carnival, which is much more in line with Caribbean or Latin American culture than Anglo-Celt culture. Obviously the festivities are partly due to Catholic influence, but I suspect that they are largely due to genetics also. Gustave Le Bon even pointed out in his book The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind that Latin peoples (eg French, Spanish, Italian) could more easily get worked up into a street frenzy than Anglos. Looks to me like they are still doing it today.

Members of the Mondo Kayo Social and Marching Club parade down St. Charles Avenue on Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans

Speaking French was suppressed among Cajuns for much of the last century, but it is now recognized with considerable effort to preserve and revive it. Cajuns have even been declared a separate ethnic group by the federal court system. They have also formed the Acadian World Congress which reunites them with the Acadians of Canada and Maine.

There is a racial divide, a language divide and a religion divide between Cajuns and the Anglo-Celtic core South (aka Dixians). I am not saying that we need to hunt down every Catholic in the South, just like I am not saying we need to hunt down every person who is part French, but we are dealing with obvious group differences here. Dixians are overwhelmingly Protestant, with the major denomination being Baptist while Cajuns are overwhelmingly Catholic. There is definitely an ethnic divide in religion there. It means nothing that some Dixians are Catholic adherents while some Cajuns may be Baptist adherents. Unlike race, I really don’t think there is significant Catholic-Protestant admixture; you are either one, the other, or neither and religion is a huge divider among mankind.

Unlike our divorce from yanks, it is very hard to imagine that our divorce from Cajuns would not be an amicable one. It is unlikely that they will host Russian missiles or Islamic guerrilla cells. It is unlikely that we will have trade problems with them or a significant problem with Cajun border jumpers. It is much more likely that within one or two generations they will become a 100% Francophone nation with Catholicism as the national religion and will capitalize on Dixian tourists that want to practice their French by immersion.

Unlike The South at large, Cajuns are small enough in number that they don’t have a real chance of seceding on their own. While they certainly have their own identity, they have little chance of secession except to ride the coattails of Southern Nationalism. The hope for having their own country apart from us Dixians could very well stoke the flames of activism among some Cajuns better than asking them to throw in their lot with us which would really just mean submitting to our rule. We could even work out a reciprocity agreement where we accept immigrating Anglo-Celts from Acadiana and they accept racially French people immigrating from Dixie.

The more we work to accommodate Cajuns, the more we compromise our own ethnicity and vice versa. Our ethnic identities are diametrically opposed and can not be reconciled unless we turn Southernism into another brand of Americanism which we all agree to be a failed experiment that never made sense in the first place. The genetic, linguistic and religious divides between Cajun and Dixian are much wider than the divide between Anglo-dominant and Scot-dominant regions of Dixie which are largely blended anyway.

As it stands today a free Acadiana would be larger in land area than Taiwan, Belgium, or Haiti and about three times the size of Jamaica.



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