Big Pharma: A Highly Pragmatic Export Industry for a Free Dixie

Drug (including vaccine) research, development, and mass production is an ideal export industry for any country to pursue assuming that country actually has the brainpower to pull it off.

  • As with food and energy, we don’t want to be dependent on trade with another country for our drugs or vaccines. If we import them, they could be used as a political weapon against us, or they could be cut off during time of war.
  • Being producers of drugs/vaccines gives us right to first refusal in the event of global shortages, such as in the face of pandemics.
  • Compared to agriculture, forestry, and mining, big pharma requires very little in the way of land or mineral deposits and scale is only limited by the market for the product and the human capital available to produce it.*
  • Does not significantly compete against other industries the way agriculture, forestry, and mining often compete for the same land, or various manufacturing sectors might compete for the same raw materials.*
  • Although there is some waste disposal to deal with, pharma is not a major environmental concern compared to many other industries.*

*Other industries that have similar attributes include banking, which has taken root in Charlotte, NC and computer & Internet tech which has taken root in Austin, TX. They are becoming the South’s Wall Street and Silicon Valley, respectively.

So in addition to increasing national security, Big Pharma can be a $$$ tremendous $$$ export $$$ industry $$$ while demanding negligible natural resources, taking up negligible physical space, and posing negligible environmental concern. What’s not to love? But to have a clear advantage in the international marketplace, pharma must have a friendly legislative climate regarding:

  • Cost-effective testing on animals
  • Cost-effective testing on humans

Organizations like PETA have pushed animal welfare policies to absurd standards and they are still pushing the narrative in typical SJW fashion. They don’t even care that animal testing also develops veterinary products, thus helping animals. These people are just another flavor of SJWs. They use the same playbook as other SJWs and they deserve no more mercy than antifa or feminist SJWs. These are the people that make drugs so expensive, shut down Ringling Bros Circus, are working to shut down Sea World, will force us to go vegan if they get the chance, and then punish us for eating plants that could have been eaten by animals. They deserve nothing but our contempt.

While some may think it atrocious that white scientists would use nonwhites as test subjects, that is already the way it works. Legislation is so burdensome in the US that much (if not most) human testing is just carried out in the 3rd world where it’s much less regulated.

Stages of drug testing usually go something like this:

  1. Computer models, microbial and/or tissue cultures, fruit flies, C. elegans worms.
  2. Rodent (usually rats)
  3. Non rodent (usually dogs)
  4. Nonhuman primates
  5. Nonwhites in 3rd world countries
  6. Whites.

Due to burdensome regulations in the United States, it’s a big, expensive hurdle just to get to step 2. Every step thereafter has to pass another mountain of regulations. The average person has no idea how expensive it is just to get to test on rats. These over-the-top hurdles primarily consist of document-pushing approval committees, frequent laboratory inspections by licensed veterinarians on behalf of the rats’ welfare, etc. I can’t help but wonder how many trees have to die in this process. I am not saying that we need to eliminate all animal welfare regulations in research (though that argument could be made also) but I am saying that the Western world has become a hyper-regulatory environment in this regard.

Slave camps for nonwhites would provide Dixie with an ideal environment for testing on humans. The slaves would be in a controlled environment and easily observed by researchers. This alone may reduce the total number of participants needed for a reliable trial. Blood, urine and feces sampling would be a snap compared to third world environments. In the right political climate, slaves might even be worth more as research participants than they could ever be worth as laborers! Slaves could even be offered cash or treats in exchange for study participation and in most cases could serve as both laborers and research participants at the same time. And by the way, the drugs developed could benefit the slaves just as much as whites. In the case of vaccine trials, slave camps could easily be quarantined if desired.

Big pharma isn’t sexy (unless you count $47 billion a year in exports as sexy). It just doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies that industries like agriculture, forestry, or auto manufacturing do, but any white country that breaks through the legislative barriers for testing on animals and humans would have an extreme competitive advantage in the pharmaceutical industry and coupled with a few other exports would be on the fast track to become a global economic superpower. At the level of raw pragmaticism, I can’t resist strongly recommending it as one of our para-independence pursuits. The industry has already taken root in the Triangle Area of North Carolina, so it is there waiting for the right political environment to become the global center of pharmaceutical research, development, and production.

Drug trials will always be a tradeoff between the risk/welfare of the test subject and the risk/welfare of the people and animals that benefit from the testing. I challenge anyone to come up with a morally superior plan for getting the job done. If you have a problem with the fact that I used the word “slave” in this article, then by all means reread it substituting the word “participant” in its place.


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