How Big of a Country Would a Free Dixie Be?

Now it is unlikely that a future sovereign Dixie would fall along the exact lines of the old CSA all the way around, but it’s a reasonable reference point to begin putting things in perspective. A while back I did some googling and here’s what I came up with.


Now according to Wikipedia, this figure does not include Arizona territory, Missouri or Kentucky. It doesn’t include Oklahoma either. This just includes South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia*, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina.

* I presume this excludes present day West Virginia.

So I decided to google some European countries for comparison.








So France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium all total up to be 725,495 square miles, slightly smaller than the 770,400 square miles of the Confederacy. Adding in the UK to that lineup makes a total of 819,553 square miles which would be 49,153 square miles bigger than CSA.  But then the CSA figure doesn’t include Kentucky, West Virginia, Oklahoma, or any of Missouri. So we can comfortably say that a free Dixie including CSA states plus Kentucky and even just significant parts of WV, OK, MO would be bigger than the 7 European countries mentioned here.

On top of this, Dixie is almost all good land with a long growing season. Granted the mountains aren’t prime cropland, but they do grow a lot of hardwoods and they are hospitable places for people to live. Also, a portion of Dixie’s land is swamp, and West Texas is pretty dry, but then we could say the same about much of Europe too, so I’m going to call it a wash. It’s also possible that we may not get all of the old CSA; perhaps Cajun Louisiana will become its own country and perhaps we won’t reclaim all of Florida.

So we should really be encouraged that a relatively homogenous white population could get to claim so much quality land for itself. We would have lots and lots of year round ports and lots of green fields and forests. The Anglo-Celtic core South is more ethnically homogenous than the UK, but we get roughly 7 times as much land. All we need is sovereignty and a little housecleaning.


One thought on “How Big of a Country Would a Free Dixie Be?

  1. What would be useful discourse is some thoughtful conjecture on what an independent Dixie would really look like, at least initially, once areas occupied by non Southrons were factored in (or out)… I believe it would be considerably smaller than the article projects.


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