The Volcano of White Identity

There has been change in the air for some time now. The altright has experienced rapid growth over the past couple years. The Cuckfederate group that I lurk on has even shifted its tone a little bit in that I see people starting to talk a little more candidly about race rather than just “muh black confederates, muh Judah Benjamin, heritage not hate” all the time. The Cuckfederates out there (and they are legion) are a groundswell of white identitarian instinct waiting to explode when the magic tipping point is reached, and for all we know that point could be close at hand.

My personal sentiment is that we are essentially sitting on a nationalist volcano and should be prepared for either imminent rapid changes or delayed rapid changes in the political landscape. We don’t know the future with great detail. We know some stuff for sure, like our own mortality. I don’t know when or how I will die, but I am confident that I will. I don’t know when or exactly how feminism will collapse but I know it will. The only real questions are whether or not they will crush Western civilization in the meantime and whether the future patriarchy of America and Europe will be a white Christian one or a dindu one. I don’t know exactly when or exactly what the preceding events will be but I am convinced the liberal world order will collapse.

For all I know I could find out tomorrow that Trump has been assassinated and Civil War II or World War III is on. We don’t know who will get elected in four years either. My point is that we need to view the oncoming burst of white (esp Southern) identity as something imminent, something that could blow us away at any time. Yeah, we could be disappointed; it could be another 20 or more years and many of us could be dead, but let’s apply a Pascal’s Wager style approach:

  • If we are ready and disappointed by the delay, then we are disappointed by the delay.
  • If we are not ready, and taken by surprise then we have missed opportunities that will never come back.

We absolutely need to be thinking talking about what kind of government we want in Dixie, what our founding documents will be, who is and isn’t allowed to stay, etc. We should be a government in waiting, ready to shape and make the most of future events. We should not assume our dream is stuck in the distant future.

Things that do not sound realistic today could absolutely become realistic not very far down the road. The options of slavery, deportations, massive power reallocation, eugenics, monarchy, territorial expansion, etc could be on the table sooner than we think. We should not dismiss discussions about these things as “larping”. These are valid discussions that we should and must be having.


3 thoughts on “The Volcano of White Identity

  1. This is an great article and more than just due to the ideas expressed therein, but because it displays the advancement of our ideas ……..and provides hope. As Pandora might suggest from the ancient Greek legend all is not lost as long as we have hope, excellent article…….


  2. I agree, we should be talking about, and envisioning, a bright future for our people. Hope for the future, motivates and inspires all peoples. Making plans for the future, in my opinion, is time and energy well spent.


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