Is Marco Rubio a Southerner?

What is a Southerner really?

Are (white) Cubans Southerners?

Are Cajuns Southerners?

Are Yankees Southerners?

Suppose John E Reb is Anglo-Celtic descent from Virginia and Carolina colonies.

If Marco Rubio, a white Cuban of Iberian descent can be a Southerner just like John E Reb, then can John be a Cuban just like Marco? Do Cubans not already have their own ethnic identity anyway?

If Jubert Villefontaineroux, a Cajun, can be a Southerner just like John, then can John be a Cajun like Jubert? Do Cajuns not already have their own ethnic identity anyway?

If Southerners are a distinct nation and ethnic group united by common ancestry and language, and both Cajuns and Cubans are Southerners, then are Cajuns and Cubans the same ethnic group?

If people of predominantly Spanish, French, or German ancestry can be Southerners, then how is Southern Nationalism different from Alt-Right American nationalism?

If we distinguish ourselves from Yankees (who also came from Britain) then does it make sense to not distinguish ourselves from non British stock?

If Anglo-Celts don’t make the distinction between Anglo-Celts and other Europeans, then are we not Cuckfederates-lite in the same way that Respectable Republicans are Democrats-lite?

If Dixie is freed and Cubans get to stay in Florida, then is the island of Cuba up for grabs? Why not? If the Cubans don’t want it back, then shouldn’t we get it in exchange for giving them south Florida? Or does the give and take only work one way?

Suppose a group lets in one Cuban and throughout the South there are only two Anglo-Celts that either drop out or decide not to sign up because of it. Is one Cuban worth two Anglos?

Let me tell you what happens when somebody points out the obvious to Cuckfederate groups:

They punish the mean ol’ racist Nazi that said the hurtful things about their Confederate negroes and double down in their fawning over their proud and brave black Southerners. The black Confederate (whether intentionally or not) gets victim status and the patriot who pointed out the obvious is punished for “trying to cause division” within the group. Half the members of the group will swear that some of the finest Southerners they’ve ever met have been negroes. After all, some of them go to all the rallies and tote the Battle Flag prouder than most white men. This is of course the exact opposite of what should happen. The patriot who had the balls to speak up when nobody else would should get praised or promoted and the negro should be the one who gets kicked out. But it never works that way.

I’m so glad no true Southern Nationalist group would ever act like that ’cause once you start cucking it’s hard to stop.




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