Dixie’s Constitution, the Two Big Questions and Genetic Interest

The most important content of any constitution we could draft boils down to these two core issues:

  • who gets to physically reside within the country
  • who gets to be in power, including the right to vote.

Once you have those two questions taken care of then the rest is small potatoes, and many rules may well get in the way more than they help. The more rules we have baked into the constitution, no matter how well intentioned, the more easily they could end up biting us in the ass down the road. Constitutional freedom of speech, religion, peaceful assembly, etc have all opened us up to Alinsky tactics and the reality is we live in a post-Alinsky world from here on out.

Rule 4: Make opponents live up to their own book of rules. “You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

The reality is that almost any rule we make is a rule that some subversive person or group could use against us. Freedoms of religion, speech, and assembly have all been used against us by subversives. A book of rules could be as thick as the Bible and it would only dictate the rules of the game. It would not put our enemies on our side. A better solution is to just get rid of your enemies and the rules will become mostly superfluous.

Apart from gaining sovereignty in the first place, we should focus most of our energy on answering the two questions above. It is of little interest how long terms are or how many terms a senator can serve. What really matters is who gets to be a senator. The rest is details.

Even if we adequately restrict who gets to be in power, we still have to concern ourselves with who gets to physically reside here. If nonDixians are allowed into the country to roam freely, we open ourselves up to:

  • miscegenation (even with other Europeans)
  • agitation for their own competing interests (like the negroes, indios, mestizos)
  • espionage (like Chinese at the Pentagon)
  • drug or human trafficking (indios and South Asians)
  • spreading diseases (including biological warfare)
  • guerrilla warfare, commonly called “terrorism”
  • other subversive tactics (like Jews) <<Talkin ’bout you SPLC and ADL.

Even though I have stereotyped some of these offenses according to the trends we have observed within my lifetime, these things could still be done by white Russians, Scandinavians, or even other branches of the British diaspora. All it takes is a shift in the international political climate.

One of the biggest things we must do is maximize the genetic interest that the rulers have in the people they rule. For simplicity sake, let’s suppose we have a king.

  • The king must come from our own genetic root, with little to no detectable racial admixture (including admixture from other white races).
  • The king must not marry (or otherwise sire children) outside of the Dixian race.
  • The king must not have admixed grandchildren or great-grandchildren.
  • The king must not have admixed siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, or preferably even first cousins.
  • The king must have family members, including descendants, who will not inherit power, but will live as Dixian citizens with no special rights or authority associated with being related to the royal family.
  •  If we permit sons to inherit the throne, but deny daughters to do so, then with the one rule, we would
    • increase king’s genetic interest in nation through his daughters’ children
    • send good genetics from royal family to filter down through society
    • encourage kings to have more children overall
    • guarantee continual patriarchy.

Now these principles would apply to anybody in any positions of power, no matter whether we have monarchy, senate, or even the right to vote, though some of these requirements would be hard to enforce if they were applied to thousands or millions of voters. Perhaps these standards could be prorated according to the degree of authority. There are also other factors besides genetic interest that might also apply to rulers, but genetic interest in the nation is a big one, immutably rooted in biology and we would be fools not to intentionally apply it to the greatest extent reasonably possible for the good of the nation.

Nepotism is simply a fact of life that will never change. We should tame it and use it just like we have tamed fire and use it to power cars.

Update: I just found out Frank Salter has already published the book On Genetic Interests. I haven’t read it but I bet we’d agree on a lot.





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