The Cuckfederate Mindset

I’m still studying the cuckfederates over at the Confederate Citizens facebook group. The better we can get into their heads the better we can manipulate them to our advantage (and theirs too if they knew what was good for them). Now it’s impossible for me to know with certainty what they are thinking, but this is my best guess so far:

  • they are conservative by nature (not crazy like shitlibs)
  • they have a strong sense of ethnic identity (hence love of flags and monuments)
  • they do not have the courage or conviction to truly take a stand on race. It is just too taboo and they just don’t have it in them. Plus almost everybody in the South has at least one cousin that mudsharked and has a mixed child.
  • they crave social validation so they naturally form “I’m not a racist” clubs where they virtue signal and flatter each other like monkeys grooming each other. This signal/flattery circle spirals to the point of absurdity.
  • they are generally not the brightest and eventually begin to believe their own lies.

Perhaps I could have shortened all that down to just calling them sheeple.

Now they are still just as bad as shitlibs in the end result, but in a different way and taking a different route to get there. They are basically Jeb Bush while the left is Elizabeth Warren.

So here’s what won’t work:

  • being that they lack real courage, they cannot be converted by facts, figures or reason.
  • being cowards, they cannot be made brave. There is no way we can give them an extra dose of intelligence or courage to take a real stand. They are going to double down on antiracism until it becomes less taboo to be a racist than a cuck.
  • the option for anonymity does little to help bc it’s social validation that they really want.

The question is how we can influence them to change their positions. If the Overton window allowed for people to talk frankly about race in public, then it would obviously be easier. There would be a few to trickle over at first, then a few more, until finally the whole herd has moved into the correct pen. But the Overton window does not allow for that and it is hard to shift when we are dealing with sheeple, as no sheep is willing to take the risk of stepping away from the herd. The harder we press, the harder they group together in the corner of the wrong pen.

Now it is possible we could someday get them to fear being called a cuck or race traitor more than they fear being called a racist but we have a ways to go to make that happen, and again, it’s going to be hard to achieve given their herd mentality and numerical majority.

One thing is for certain; while these people are not the root of the problem like the Left, they are followers and not leaders. In our future society, if it is to be democratic at all, they must not be allowed to vote or assume any other positions of power. If given the vote they will just swamp the vote of thinking men. They are by nature the peasant class. Now I’m not talking about class determined by income level, as some may earn plenty, but they have the peasant’s mind. The subservient mind that seeks approval rather than thinking independently and taking a stand before his peers when he knows he is right. They just don’t have it in them and never will.





One thought on “The Cuckfederate Mindset

  1. Best assessment yet,of our greatest challenge… As one who specializes in trolling some of these sites, i’m particularly discourage after reading comments on “Confederate Citizen”


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