Cuckfederates are so Disgusting

For a few months now I’ve been a member of this facebook group called Confederate Citizens. Now based on the name you would think it was an unreconstructed group of Southern men (and women) with some real spines that we could count on to ward off the brownification of our country. To their credit, at least most of them are still countersignalling Islam– that’s *most* and *still* as some have even been spotted cucking for muslims too.



Honestly, since they ban patriots and patriotic speech (which they call ‘racism’ and ‘racist comments’) they should rename the group to ‘Confederate Cowards’ or ‘NonConfederates’ or ‘Defective Confederates’ or ‘Low T Confederates’ or ‘Lovin Reconstructin’. They are worse than regular ol’ enemies; they are the enemy within. Rather than being honest enemies who identify as a separate group, these people claim our identity and then fight for the other team.


Kinda like Jews pretending to be white except most of these people could actually pass a DNA test. They are among the worst of our race. We need them like we need SPLC. These people are unworthy of reproduce and unworthy of freedom. When we are in power they need to get castrated and put in the cuckshed right beside the negro barn. Scratch that. These people once castrated will make fine house slaves while the negroes make field slaves. Being submissive by nature already, they will be perfect house slaves. We’ll even let them decorate their rooms with Confederate flags and wear Confederate themed clothes when we send them to town on errands.

When you think about it, castrated cuckfederates (if they need castrating at all) will be quite handy around the house, like at 4:10 in this video.

Now it’s not really right to blame every person that’s a member of the group. Many of the members probably are aware of the reality of race, but they are not given freedom of expression by the thought police administrators that kick out real patriots with normal T levels. The members of the group are simply not allowed to point out the obvious or in any way acknowledge that American negroes are simply the descendants of wild African savages and that only a tiny minority of them are even capable of civilization in the first place. The members are simply not allowed to point out that the different races are biological competitors on this planet, always have been and always will be. Anyone who shows signs that he has not been brainwashed Reconstructed is banned, so I suspect most just politely keep their mouths shut while letting the fools assert dominance.

The group thought police administrators are:

David Lewis (group creator)

Now I don’t know for sure that Mr Lewis was planning to make the group a negro-worshiping cult when he created it, and I am tempted to feel a little guilty for calling him out given his veteran status, but he obviously has not prevented the group from turning into a negro-worshiping cult under his watch. Being a veteran doesn’t get you off the hook for theft, rape, or murder so I don’t think it should get you off the hook for running a cuckfederate cult either.

Terrill Bybee

Terrill is the most visible, most overt cuckening force I have witnessed. He has recently posted the group rules, which forbid true patriotic pointing out the real problem racist comments. Luckily anti-Islamic comments are still allowed–for now.

Neil Clement

Neil, along with Terrill and David, has been in the group since the founding and is presumably antiracist also. If he’s been in the group as administrator since day one and hasn’t either left or taken a stand, then he’s just plain guilty.


This group needs to be either uncucked or burnt down. It is anti white supremacy, which really means whites must be handicapped to be equal to browns, must accept miscegenation, must accept ethnic displacement, and must deny our birthright as the heirs of the Confederacy and our superior genetics. If we give these cucks enough rein they will take us the way of the Neanderthal–Extinction via racial displacement. They must be removed from their current positions and sent permanently to the cuckshed if we are to resist our own extermination. They would rather watch videos of a negress twerking with a Confederate flag than actually call a spade a spade when the future of a nation lies at stake.



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