Don’t Hate. Domesticate. Why Slavery Is a Superior Solution to Deportation.

Look, suppose we had a war–a civil war, international war, whatever– where we took control of a vast oil producing territory. We have conquered the enemy and have control of oil fields producing millions of barrels worth billions of dollars a day. What are we going to do with all that oil?

  • send it all to Africa
  • set it on fire at the well heads to destroy the supply completely
  • use it to the best of our ability for the people’s benefit

Hopefully you picked the last option on that list. Now if we have a demographic war in North America, why would we ship a vast body of slave labor back to Africa and Central America? Why not put it to use? Throughout human history the vanquished have typically been either exterminated or enslaved. The ones that were “deported” usually deported themselves by being fast runners.

Would it not be treason against our fighters to deprive them of their war booty? Why shouldn’t they get slaves for their work? Now I’m not saying the slaves need to be distributed among the people, but suppose they were kept in camps and the fighters are given shares of the camp output, just like shares of stock in a company. The best I can tell, enemy slaves as war booty is one of the oldest and most universal ways to pay soldiers, and gives the soldiers a greater stake in the outcome. Why not use it?

A young soldier who fought and got the production output of 5 slaves for as long as the slaves lived could become quite rich with very little effort after winning the war. He could have a nice home and a large family without the hassle of being a wagecuck to pay for it all. His “work” would primarily consist of DIY home projects and teaching his sons everything he can about manhood instead of letting them play video games while he works.

Now the talented tenth of negroes and probably the majority of indios would be out of the country long before the slavecatcher truck rolled around to pick them up, so the threat of slavery would obviously be a much better border control strategy than anything Trump has proposed.

With the exception of miscegenation prevention, including physical segregation, what I am proposing is the universal historical standard for waging war. Let alone the fact that most negroes would beg us to bring back slavery if they faced deportation to Africa. Considering the negro’s poor performance when left up to his own abilities, slavery is the most humane sustainable option we have for dealing with them. The final solution is an alternative, but it doesn’t do as much for whites as slavery does either.

We need not limit slavery to nonwhites. Our traitors could be sent to slave camps also, that is if they don’t get hung first. In fact, any able bodied, able minded man from the South who refuses to fight for our side should be sent to slave camps.



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