Christians: Stop Cucking for Pagans


Since my previous posts on why SoNats should adopt an explicitly Christian platform with a short list of nonreligions as tolerated alternatives, I have made the following observations via social media:

  1. Pagans understandably didn’t like it, and I got a little backtalk from a couple, but they mostly took it well enough. I guess they already knew they didn’t really belong so it was just a matter of time before somebody pointed it out. Hopefully at some point leaders will officially denounce, disavow, and dissociate from them. When faced with the ultimatum, those that refuse to give up paganism obviously care more for their religion than their folk.
  2. At least one Christian adamantly cucks for pagans.
  3. Nobody cucked for mormons or muslims. This was a little unexpected. I figured Christians would be more likely to cuck for mormons than pagans. But perhaps with a larger sample size that’s what I would have gotten. I don’t know.

Maybe it is just a continuation of the white man’s inclination to cuck for the inferior. Whites cuck for inferior races that would never cuck for us. White Christians cuck for inferior religions that would probably never cuck for us–Oh, sure, some individuals might, but by and large I doubt a clear majority population of pagans would cuck for Christians.

Even the dumbest politicians will pander for the Evangelical vote in the South (Whether they actually get it or not is another story, but they sure do pander for it.) One exception has been Augustus Invictus, who somehow failed. Go figure. I can’t imagine why an openly practicing pagan would have a hard time getting elected. Can you?

Why did Trump stump for “Merry Christmas” over “Happy Holidays” which is obviously just an appeal to Christianity? When a politician stumps for “Merry Christmas” is he not strategically focusing his panderpower on the Christian majority, at the expense of alienating pagans, muslims, jews, hindus and antireligionists? Presumably a sincere agnostic wouldn’t care much either way. Why don’t politicians give lipservice to ramadan, yule, or hindu holidays? Why just Christmas and skip the others, except perhaps hanukkah to please his donors.

Here’s a montage of Trump giving lip service for the Christian vote. Why did he alienate muslims, pagans, hindus, etc? Wouldn’t that kill his chances of winning?

Hypothetically speaking, an agnostic would be a fool to cuck for pagans and expect to win the South.

What is it called if Christians cuck for pagans and expect to win the South?


4 thoughts on “Christians: Stop Cucking for Pagans

    1. That’s what I suspect also. Majority of self identifying pagans will be shitlib. I bet they are also found mostly in university towns and in Asheville NC, which is a focal center for New Agers.


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