Paganism: Proudly Picking Pockets and Breaking Legs Since PreChristian Periods.

Thomas Jefferson, you know , the infallible Thomas Jefferson. Yeah, that one. He’s been spewing more ignorance. Check out what he wrote this time:

The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbour to say there are twenty gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.

The more I know about TJ, the less I respect him. He might as well tell us “all men are created equal”.

We have to face the religion question just like we have to face the race question. We must accept that diversity comes at the expense of solidarity. We must acknowledge that religion, along with race, and even language, is a key component of ethnicity and identity.

Whether a man says there are twenty Gods or none makes lots of difference, and does a lot worse than pick a few pockets and break a few legs. It kills Christians and it will kill a Christian civilization. We simply have to eliminate some religions (and some ideologies that are basically religious dogmas in nature). The only question is which options make the cut and which don’t.

Here’s a riddle for any Christians that still want to cuck for paganism:

  • If pagans believe that paganism and Christianity are “equal paths to the Divine” or “equally valid life paths” then are they not Marxist/egalitarian in nature? Can they possibly be equal? Is denial of Jesus’ Resurrection equal to acknowledging the Resurrection? They cannot be equal. Anyone who says they are equal is an enemy of truth.
  • If pagans believe that paganism is superior to Christianity, then will they not seek ways to assert it legally and culturally at the expense of Christianity?
  • If pagans believe that Christianity is superior, yet continue to confess paganism, then are they not hypocrites?

So which of these three virtues do we want to cultivate in Dixie? Egalitarianism? Nah. AntiChristianism? Nah. Hypocrisy? Nah.

If Dixie is to be multicultural on the question of religion, only screening citizenship by race, then we have lot’s of questions to answer:

  • If we permit paganism for racial identitarian purposes, shouldn’t we exclude Asatru/Odinism since we are not a Scandinavian/Germanic people? Or is it a universal religion, irrespective of race?
  • Will we close government offices for muslim holidays?
  • Will we close government offices for pagan holidays?
  • If we permit school prayers, will they be muslim prayers, pagan prayers, or Christian prayers?
  • Will pagans be permitted to become boyscout/girlscout/4-H leaders?
  • Will we have to spend tax dollars on pagan chaplains in the military?
  • Will cemeteries be forced to allow pagan rituals or pagan grave decoration alongside Christians’ graves?
  • Since pagans in Rome threw Christians to lions, crucified them, and burned them on poles, is it really in the best interest of Christian Dixians to tolerate pagans now that we are the dominant religion?
  • If paganism is the key to white identity and white nationalism, why did white Roman pagans kill white Roman Christians in the first place? Shouldn’t they have focused on killing the jews instead?
  • If antiviolence laws are passed to prevent religious acts of violence, or overt theft (you know, like picking pockets and breaking legs) then how will we prevent pagans from viewing Christians as an outgroup, lending at usury, biased press, or quietly discriminating in hiring practices?
  • How do we stop pagan college professors from being biased against Christian students, or trying to woo impressionable youth away from their Christian Faith?
  • Will pagans be allowed to marry into Christian families?

I’d like to remind everyone that “If X, then where does it end?” is not a valid argument. A shitlib could just as easily say “If you discriminate based on race, then where does it end? Will those of English descent and those of Ulster Scot descent not turn on each other?”

But if anyone reading refuses to give up on the “If X, then where does it end” argument, then I’ve got a question for you: If you’re willing to cuck for paganism, then where will the cucking end?

The fact that Europeans have a history of Catholic vs Protestant conflict does absolutely nothing to negate my argument against paganism. In fact, one can only suspect that any pagan who attempts this argument simply wishes to burn the house down on his way out! The history of interdenominational division among Christians is just further evidence that we don’t need to add any other religions to the pot. We already have plenty to fight over.

The reality of many, many factors in life is that the error of extremes does not negate the virtue of the moderate position. It is up to intelligent, reasonable men to weigh the pros and cons and decide where to draw the lines. In this respect the question of religion is little different from the question of race. At some point we will have to decide how much racial admixture is tolerable for Dixian citizenship. Will we throw out those that test 0.1% negro? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to include Somalians as Dixian citizens.

As I have explained previously, my suggestion at this point is to explicitly declare Christianity as the official religion with deism, agnosticism, and perhaps atheism as tolerated alternatives with all other religions banned. This basically means people would have the choice of confessing Christianity or no religion. If they can’t fit within those options, then they probably aren’t exactly our greatest strength.





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