We Must Find Incentives to Mobilize the Masses

Millions of Southerners basically want what we want. Of course there are disagreements over stuff like desired economic policy or whether to have a state religion, or other things, but we agree on the big thing: The survival and wellbeing of our people for many generations to come. I’m told from those who have done League of the South street demonstrations that the majority of Southerners are very sympathetic and supportive in gesture. But we SoNats are still a small number, mostly corresponding online.

Most Southerners would love for a true Southron hero to rise up against the PC machine like Trump, grow ever stronger with each attack, secede from the Union, give the yanks their cold-served revenge, deport the invaders, turn mosques into barbecue joints, and make the Battle flag our national flag to fly over our capital building and all the state capitals, ban miscegenation, and do something about the welfare farm.

Yet here we are.

The Left manipulates all but the most resolved by widespread incentives and disincentives, rewarding those that propagate their narrative and severely punishing those that openly defy the narrative. This of course encourages the masses to simply acquiesce, to shut up and keep slowly marching toward the slaughterhouse. Even many Trump voters have been closet Trump supporters because of the social (or financial) cost of openly supporting Trump.

We need to put our 4D chess hats on. We must come up with some kind of system that rewards those who labor for our cause, or at least liberates them from being beaten into submission by the Left. We can guide people with the carrot or the stick, but ideally both. As it stands now, anyone with the brainpower and the character to be an open leader or spokesman has very little to gain and very much to lose by stepping up to the plate. He would do much better for himself and his family by keeping quiet or just becoming another avatar activist.

I’m mostly at a loss here, except to describe the problem. I really don’t have a grand plan that I’m introducing further down in this post. I’ve had some ideas, but they really just don’t stand out to me as magic bullets, but one thing we must do is come up with some kind of social/financial rewards/penalty system to get us to the tipping point where people see us as the strong horse. And for that horse to win the strong horse competition, he needs to be fed and exercised. But what will we feed him with?

I’m challenging those with significant smarts to engage in this discussion until we can come up with something that will work. Our future depends on our ingenuity here. We have no billionaire donors like our enemies do, but we do have the world’s greatest gene pool to draw from. The majority of our people are waiting for some hero to rise up and fix things. We will  give them hundreds, even thousands of heroes.

Let’s do this.


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