Dump the Pagans

There seems to be a vocal minority of pagans involved in various white nationalist movements. I’m going to let other camps worry about their own housekeeping. I’m also not going to waste keystrokes arguing with pagans. This essay is for Southern Nationalists, especially those in leadership.

We are simply better off dissociating from pagans. We need them like the Alt Right needs Milo and Cernovich. It’s pretty safe to assume that someone who has converted to paganism is, hmmm let’s say heterodox, in other ways also. Is anybody going to deny that within WN movements, confession of paganism also correlates with other heterodox confessions, such as:

  • Flat Earthism
  • Antivaccinism
  • AntiGMOism
  • Chemtrail theory
  • Youworshipajewonastickism

And if there’s anything that’s going to help us win the mainstream in the South, it’s having pagans countersignal Christianity all the time! I’m not saying that no pagan has ever contributed anything of value to WN. I acknowledge that Weev has contributed a certain skill set. I also watched the David Duke Senate debate on Red Ice TV. That’s nice, but so what? They are still a net liability to us.

Pagans overall:

  • contribute little benefit
  • contribute lots of internal strife
  • repel Christians that we want to bring into the movement
  • will claim they were instrumental and that they drug us across the finish line
  • will agitate against Christians in the new ethnostate, swearing paganism is vital to white identity and that Christianity is inherently cucked.

Reasons to keep pagans around:

  • Prove to shitlibs that we are open minded.
  • Diversity is our greatest strength.
  • Use them in dunking booths at fundraisers.

Our target group of reachable Southern whites (Dixians) is overwhelmingly Christian with some small quantity of agnostics or perhaps even a few Deists or atheists sprinkled in. Our target demographic is probably less than 0.1% pagan. The racial Dixians that do identify as pagans are primarily going to be a bunch of misfits that live in college towns. It would make about as much sense for us to make a place for racial Dixians that practice islam. Considering LGBTQPAXYZ make up about 3% of the population, it would make much, much more sense to accomodate them than pagans.

This is a little redundant to repeat points, but let’s frame it in the form of questions:

  • Are we trying to attract normal people or kooks?
  • Do normal people who grew up in Christian/agnostic/atheist homes convert to paganism?
  • Will the presence of known pagans attract or repel Christians that we want to reach?
  • Do we want pagans claiming credit for our future successes?
  • Do we want to someday replace judeo-Christian with pagan-Christian, or do we want to just ditch the hyphen altogether?

So why should we yoke ourselves with them, or even allow the appearance of such?

  • Common sense tells us not to.
  • The Bible tells us not to.
  • Experience tells us not to.

Moving forward, our platform should be explicitly Christian and explicitly exclusive of paganism. Trying to win the mainstream when we have known pagans in the group is like trying to get a girlfriend when the whole class knows you have cooties.

Vikangz don’t belong in Dixie anyway, they will be much happier in the snow under the Northern Lights. The Swedes will need them to help fight muslims soon, so we really should set them free for that task. After all, Christians are so cucked they will be better off without us anyway. Right? Let’s set them free from our burdensome Christian influence so they can pursue true white nationalism without us.


6 thoughts on “Dump the Pagans

  1. I don’t have a real problem with religious tolerance. Honestly, this article simply seems divisive and divisive to no real end.


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