From Dictatorship to Democracy by Gene Sharp

From Dictatorship to Democracy by Gene Sharp is a pretty good read for most within our circles. In my opinion the book has been poorly named. It presupposes that oligarchy must necessarily be evil tyranny and that democracy is the supreme form of government, even for the brown hordes of the world. I think a better name would have been “How to Topple Tyranny” or “How to Foment a Successful Revolution”. The author was apparently a shitlib, so it’s no wonder he named the book the way he did. Nevertheless, it is a good read for any secessionist group.

Some of the tactics here with very little adaptation could be used to help acquire freedom from the United States. For instance, one major point of the book is that trying to attack the leadership with military might is futile because the government has a clear advantage in that department. Our right to bear arms in the US mitigates this problem a bit for us, but it still holds true. Armed insurrection by itself is a recipe for disaster. It is very unlikely that we would muster enough manpower and it is a fast way to get yourself killed without accomplishing your goal. Furthermore, does it not make more sense to employ tactics that might accomplish the same ends with less risk of getting ourselves killed? Our preference is for peaceful secession. Right?  Of course we have the option to use some combination of violent and nonviolent methods rather than just all or none, but this book deals with ways to undermine and weaken the tyrant’s power.

One caveat to this book is that it is apparently written for nonwestern countries. The difference for them is that they have the option to propagate an international stir of a “humanitarian crisis” which will put pressure on the leaders of the respective countries from the West, especially the US. We of course have no such strong rescuer. It is unlikely that we will get any other country to come to our aid for humanitarian reasons. The nations of the West will have their hands full reconquering their own lands from muslims, or if they are still in suicide mode, they will more likely aid the US in conquering us.

Including Appendix One, this is just an 86 page book, available free by pdf.

And available here in audiobook.



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