Leftists Must Be Killed

It is not good enough for us to simply regain power of our own country(s) and let our enemies just cry a river like Trump’s election night, nor is it good enough to expel them to whatever countries will take them. It is absolutely in the interest of our own grandchildren that the Left be exterminated as a global hazard to anything resembling Western civilization.

All any thinking person needs to do is look at South Africa. Leftists in Europe and America took South Africa down from abroad, not just within. All any thinking Southerner needs to do is to consider Lincoln’s War where the Leftists of the north invaded the South. Lincoln’s War is clear historical precedent to demonstrate that the Left will actually invade a sovereign country to impose their will. World War II is historical precedent to indicate that Leftists will manipulate Western nations to fight each other, even across an ocean, and in the best interest of neither nation.

Obviously proclivity toward Leftism is highly heritable, or we wouldn’t see it over represented in certain racial groups such as yanks and jews. Plus twin studies indicate political ideologies are heritable. This means the menace of Leftism transcends generations. After all these generations, the yanks are still yanky, the jews are still jewy, and Southerners are still Southern, just like negroes are still negroes, except for accumulating white admixture.

So let us lay it down as simply as possible:

  • Leftism is highly heritable and incurable.
  • Expelling Leftists does not rid us of their menace as they will subvert from abroad.
  • Therefore, it is to the peril of our own grandchildren if we do not exterminate them when we get the chance.

If we were talking about dindus, then we could consider extermination via sterilization, but with Leftists, they will spend the rest of their lives writing drivel, producing movies, and otherwise spinning the narrative so that they seduce our future generations of youth from beyond the grave, just like Karl Marx or Aleister Crowley.

Obviously we will not be able to eliminate every last Leftist from the planet, but the more we eliminate, the better.

And don’t you ever, ever forget they will do the same to your grandchildren if they get the chance.




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