Needed: A Dixian National Holiday

Everyone’s favorite holiday is approaching. The holiest of all holidays: MLK day. This is obviously a communist invention to pressure whites–especially Southerners to bow down and kiss the ring of the opposition. There are more Southern whites (Dixians) than there are negroes in America, but we don’t get a holiday. Not a federal holiday anyway. Some Southern states have a Lee-Jackson day, but they can’t even agree on the day it should be observed. The absolute least the Southern states could do is all agree on a date and go with it.

Given the current cultural genocide of Dixians, it is extremely unlikely that we will get a holiday recognized federally. It is possible that we could work within the system to get all the Southern states to observe Lee-Jackson Day on the same date, but it is also about as likely that as soon as we bring enough attention to it, the states will just do away with the holiday altogether.

Furthermore, Lee-Jackson day is too open to rainbowification. Cuckfederate groups will start to claim that it’s not racist, but really just about an idea–Like states’ rights– But definitely not racially inclined like Mulatto Black History Month.

The ideal holiday would thus meet at least two criteria:

  • It would be explicitly a racial/national/ethnic holiday, named and officially described in such a way that it could not get rainbowed.
  • It would be something that could be celebrated without official recognition, so that it could not be denied to us by legislature.

It also wouldn’t hurt for the holiday to serve as a giant middle finger to those that hate us.

To meet the first criterion it would probably be best for it to not be named after a person. If it is named after a person then it is asking to be rainbowed by people claiming that the holiday is actually about the ideals of the person, and of course the same people will be happy to explain to us just what those ideals are. Perhaps some readers might be able to chime in with a better name, but for now I am going to suggest “Dixie National Day” where of course the word national necessarily means race–The Dixie Nation. Or perhaps “Dixian People Day” where we use this definition for Dixian People.

To meet the second criterion, the obvious solution is for us to peg it to MLK Day, so that we really don’t need the state to acknowledge us. There is no way in hades that they are going to take away MLK Day. We don’t need to petition for this day as our holiday; we just need to claim it and begin celebrating. There is nothing that our adversaries can do to block such a holiday, and if we are smart in the official description, there will be no way for infiltrators to rainbow it.

From here it is up to us to decide what the rituals will be. Obviously, the rituals will be ethnocentric in nature, but I would strongly suggest that we come up with a written statement to be read aloud (or recited) before celebrants each year. Just a short paragraph should do the job, but it should be something that further fortifies the holiday against cuckening as it gains popularity. Perhaps someone should write a Dixie National Creed or Dixie National Toast for this purpose.

I would caution readers to not dismiss such a holiday as trivial. It is a national symbol and symbols are important. The Confederate flag(s) is important. Our monuments are important. Our holidays are important. The thing with this holiday is that it is something that we can achieve with limited resources, without permission or recognition, and that has the potential to grow exponentially as we move forward.

We have a blank canvas with all the potential in the world before us. We get to strategically decree what the rituals will be. Thanksgiving has turkey and dressing, Christmas has exchange of gifts and a tree, New Year’s Eve has Auld Lang Syne and booze, New Year’s Day has blackeye peas, July 4th has picnics and fireworks. What traditions will Dixie National Day have? Pork barbecue? Bourbon toasts? Celebratory gunfire? Skeet shoots? Parades? We have complete liberty and are only bound by our own creativity and drive. This is our chance to replace talking about the problem with partying over the solution–And more people will show up for parties. Just look what gay pride parades grew into!

Let’s do this.


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