Banned by Jews: The Merchant of Venice-Red Pill Literature for Teens

According to Henry Ford’s The International Jew, Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice was banned from many high schools in the United States due to Jewish activism. It is classic Shakespeare, and in my opinion, all around superior to Romeo and Juliet. This article at the Chicago Tribune even argues that TMOV should be read despite the anti-Semitism.

Why did the jews want this work of art banned? Because the villain, Shylock is a jewish moneylender who lends at usury to gentiles. Shylock detests Antonio, the protagonist, who gives interest free loans to many local friends, which of course hurts Shylock’s business.

You can probably find better audio/video quality versions out there, but this is the one I’ve seen, so it’s the one I’ll share:


If you don’t watch the whole thing, at least watch the courtroom scene which in my opinion is the climax of the story, is literary genius, and where the stereotypical jewish character is on full display all the way back in 1596-1599. It’s one of those things where once you see it you can’t unsee it.

Shylock has loaned Antonio money (on behalf of one of Antonio’s friends) and has demanded a pound of Antonio’s flesh as collateral. Antonio was so sure his (literal) ship would come in on time that he agreed. Antonio’s friends try everything to get mercy for Antonio, but Shylock wants nothing more than to use the court system to legally torture and kill Antonio. Not shoot him in the head or anything like that, but to kill him slowly and painfully by carving out a pound of flesh.

Court Scene (vid 10 in playlist)

Court Scene (vid 11 in playlist)


Court Scene (vid 12 in playlist)


It’s unlikely that Hollywood would ever put out a scene that extolled manly Christian virtue from a position of strength like this. If anything Shakespeare takes turning the other cheek too far. Can you really afford to just forgive someone who wants to kill you the first chance he gets? The only thing missing is that Shakespeare either ignored or was simply unaware that religion is not the only difference between jews and European Christians. Converting all the jews in the world to Christianity would obviously be better than the status quo, but they are still a separate race with certain characteristics that run within that race. Jews (or any other race) and Europeans will always be biological competitors, and converting them to Christianity will not change that.

All in all, I’m going to recommend this as an excellent soft redpill for young readers (or watchers).

  • kills the Judeo-Christian meme with full display of jew vs Christian dichotomy
  • displays the jew as a predatory lender
  • displays jew as instigator rather than innocent victim
  • displays the jew as merciless to the gentile, whom he hates
  • displays the jew behavior of using the legal system as a weapon
  • one of very few existing works with white heterosexual male Christian hero, nonwhite villain

No wonder the jews wanted it banned.







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