Slavery: A Complementary Solution to the Race Problem

What could be more timeless and universal than slavery? Every major world religion (including communism) is obviously ok with it. Shouldn’t we flock to the common ground shared by all three Abrahamic religions? If we don’t focus on the things we all have in common, how are we ever going to make multiculturalism work?

Ironically I was quickly blocked on twitter by @drmoore and several other Southern Baptist preachers after the SBC2016 decision to repudiate the Confederate flag when I asked them to point out where the Bible condemns slavery. I even told them I needed the verses to witness to a friend. But I understand, it would make no sense for them to be distracted from their congregations of like 99 people to go after my one friend’s soul. Anyway, perhaps they’d like to chime in down in the comments section to explain it. In fact, I’d be eager to read comments from preachers of any Christian denomination as long as they actually address the question, and specifically explain how Eph 6:5-9 doesn’t really condone slavery. (Not that we really need Bible verses to permit something so obvious.)

Even the abolitionist yanks (spit) who claimed to be on a moral crusade against slavery hypocritically enslaved a bunch of white men to serve as cannon fodder. In the Old Testament we see that slavery for Joseph was just a rank in between freeman and prisoner, as being sent to prison was a step down from being a house slave.

I am aware these are Australian abogroes and not Afrogoes but it still makes the point. Thanks for understanding.

Slavery of the negro by the white man, in raw biological terms is nothing more than a mutualistic relationship between the two races. Truly wild or feral negroes outside of white jurisdiction are biological competitors as I pointed out in a previous post, and many if not most negroes in the United states today are rightly classified as parasites. Of course all the aid programs to help Africa even shove the African negroes into the parasite category where if we left them alone they would simply be distant competitors. Clearly, any sane and benevolent Christian white man would prefer a mutualistic relationship with the dindu rather than parasitic or competitive relationship, and there is no reason why mutualism cannot be more humane (and sustainable) for the negro than parasitism or direct competition.

White men have historically initiated mutualistic relationships with many species, including the horse, the dog, the sheep, the chicken, the cow, and even the negro. In some cases the domesticated partner was used for food, in some cases as a beast of burden, and in some cases both. In all cases, the domesticated partner was provided with food, protection from predators, and shelter–Yes, even many of the negro slaves purchased from west Africa were by their purchase rescued from literal predation by cannibals. Ever since the first veterinary school was founded in Lyon, France in 1762 the list of services to domesticated animals has also included protection from communicable diseases. In the case of modern swine and poultry production, the white man has also provided gas heat in winter and evaporative cooling systems in the summer.

Some people seem unaware that slaves can be used for much more than just picking cotton, and that slavery is far from obsolete and may never be obsolete. Slavery is not obsolete in the United States, just illegal. It’s not even illegal if you count labor by duly convicted criminals. Amerikaners can do moral posturing if they want to, but in a free Dixie, blessed with an abundance of negroes, Mayans and other nonwhites, we can use slaves to do all kinds of work.

In addition to field labor, slaves can be used to:

  • Assemble smartphones and other electronics
  • Assemble auto parts
  • Assemble AR-15s
  • Serve as participants for medical research
  • Work in textile mills
  • Make T-shirts, baseball caps, jeans, slacks, socks, military uniforms, etc.
  • Make tennis shoes, boots
  • Sew Confederate flags (Nikki Haley)
  • Make toys for Santa
  • Much, much more


Slavery could easily make Dixie competitive with China in many kinds of manufacturing. We can even become exporters of all these goods rather than just trying to curb imports with tariffs, but we cannot afford to spend as much on slaves as we currently do on prisoners. In the US, the avg cost for federal inmates is $30,619.85 per year ($83.89 per day). This is ridiculous. The average cost for Mexico to house prisoners is 140 pesos per day which is equal to $6.49 (USD). That’s right, Mexican federal prisons spend less than 1/10th as much per prisoner/day as do US federal prisons. The cited article goes on to mention that Chile, Colombia, and El Salvador spend even less per prisoner/day than Mexico. If we reduce costs to $6.49/day and require slaves to work 48 hr weeks, that gives us labor at less than $1.00/hour. Of course a working slave could also be used simultaneously for drug/vaccine trials, so if the value as a test participant exceeds his cost for upkeep, then the labor essentially becomes free.

One big way to curb prison (slave camp) costs is to kill all those that would require maximum security or even medium security. These are obviously the most dangerous, most expensive, and least likely to earn their keep. Some intractable males may be remedied by gelding which would also make them cheaper to feed. We will have an unlimited supply of docile slaves, so there’s no need to be stingy with killing the ones that cause trouble. Anyone who opposes death for maximum security prisoners based on cost of their keep will of course be permitted to sponsor prisoners with their own money.

Another way to curb costs dramatically is to cut the amount spent on health care for a prisoner before the decision is made to simply euthanize. Some will say that it is an atrocity to make a calculated decision on when to euthanize instead of provide medical care, so of course we’ll have a crowdfunding page where all those people can freely donate as much money as they want–Just make sure to include automated sharing to social media so they can maximize their virtue signaling.

Another way to curb costs is to privatize camp ownership much like the old plantation model. This would necessitate regulations for keeping slaves locked in on the private camps rather than allowing them to escape or be freed by their masters. (Not making that mistake again.) The tradeoffs of these two models can be left to a future discussion, but I think we can agree that nonwhite slaves should not be permitted to mingle with society or be freed by their masters to roam society. Also, I think we can agree that antimiscegenation practices (such as sterilization of slaves) should be in place if private camps are to be used. The fact that most white men would not breed a negress is irrelevant. The fact that some white men would breed negresses makes all the difference.

Slave camps need not be cruel. Since they will be sterilized and since we will not be trying to integrate these slaves into society at any point, there is no reason they cannot spend their free time playing basketball, smoking pot, playing video games and having sex. They can be rewarded with certain drugs, cigarettes, softdrinks, beer, fried chicken, porn or whatever in exchange for meeting certain production quotas. It seems only reasonable to put fullblood or near fullblood negroes in one camp, mulattoes and quadroons in another, Mayans in another, and so on. Camps might even be further divided by sex or age. Obviously some would be more suitable for field labor than others. Advancements in electronics, such as ankle bracelets for tracking and shock collars for discipline, make slaves in the field easier than ever to manage.


Climatewise, the Deep South, Caribbean and present day Mexico are much better suited for negro/Mayan slave camps than Amerikaner Free State which will not include any land in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Carolinas, Kentucky, nor Virginia, so they should really just leave the entire manufacturing, textile, sewing, fresh produce, and pharma industries to us since there just aren’t that many Sioux for them to enslave. We might even be willing to take the Sioux off their hands in exchange for a small fee.

Slavery as described in this essay could be used as a complement to and partial substitute for the inevitable genocide described in a previous post. As a safeguard against possible abolitionist movements, slaves should probably be sterilized and new slaves should be acquired by conquest rather than being bred domestically, that way we never have a breeding population of nonwhites within our country. The logical first step is to focus on ethnically cleansing Dixie via combination of genocide and slave camps and building our economic prowess with aforementioned industries. From there we can weigh opportunities for territorial expansion and acquisition of more slaves. Haiti is a no brainer.


Remember, whites are natural-born conquerers. What will we do but conquer?


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